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    Hello I am JayTheBody, and the Owner of “Secret Formula Fitness“, which is located at 1192 Liberty Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey.           

Many people ask me, “What made me get into fitness? Let me begin by telling you about my journey. I am a college graduate with my Associate’s Degree in Marketing, my Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, and my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Rutgers University. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer and National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS). 
            I was an athlete my whole life. I played football, basketball, baseball, ran track, bowled, and wrestled. After high school and while entering college, I discovered that I loved working out even if I wasn’t playing sports.           

Throughout my college career, I would go to the campus gym almost every day. I loved it so much, and I always have believed that health and fitness were great ways to relieve stress. The discipline of working out set me on the road to healthy habits as well as helped me to build mental toughness and personal confidence.
            Upon graduation, I joined the staff of the Robert Wood Johnson Fitness and Wellness Center. I was chosen for this position from a pool of two hundred and eighty-three candidates. I was responsible for increasing the visibility of the RWJ Brand and All Fit Kids Programs, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Pilates Reformer, Membership, Community Education, and Corporate Health Fair Programs and Events. In this role, I was active in promoting the Center in the community by implementing and executing health fairs, community education programs, sales promotions, and various other programs that assisted in bringing new members to the door. I worked hand in hand with the General Manager, Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager and many more employees to increase the visibility for all RWJ Fitness and Wellness Centers. I was responsible for an annual monthly budget, which I utilized for any and every type of Marketing and Advertising campaigns that would increase visibility, and bring new or potential members into our facility.           

From Robert Wood Johnson, I moved on to the Parisi Speed School. My role there was to take individual athletic sports teams and clients through their warm-ups, workouts, and drills and I ensured that each type of activity was done properly. I also tracked each athlete’s progress to allow proper improvement in strength, conditioning, speed and agility. I assisted in various methods to help athletes focus and prepare for specific sports from Peewee to College Athletics.

After Parisi Speed School, I furthered my career and trained at No Body Denied Inc. to gain more experience in personal training as well as to establish a personal brand. At No Body Denied, I obtained over 60 clients, and did over 250 personal training sessions each month. After gaining enough knowledge and experience from training people of all ages, I decided it was time to start my own personal training company. (Secret Formula Fitness)

I started my Personal Training Company Secret Formula Fitness out the trunk of my car, traveling to Branch Brook Park, in North Newark, New Jersey and Weequahic Park, in the South Ward of Newark, New Jersey and lastly Watsessing Park, in East Orange, which extends into Bloomfield, New Jersey. I also would travel to my client’s homes, as well as offering In-home Personal Training at my residence, where we would train in my in-home gym and backyard. This was where the Skills, Sales, Knowledge, Education, Grind & Hustle, I had from working at all the previous facilities, would come in to play.         

When I first started my company, I was working seven days a week, and would work all different hours of the day to build up my clientele. While training and traveling, my clientele grew so rapidly because of their awesome results, personal success stories, and my unique marketing. I knew it was time for more. I started saving up as much as I could from all my Personal Training sessions and I had planned to open up my own Fitness Facility and /Gym. I started to spread the word to my clients, letting them know that I was looking for a location and asking them to let me know of any potential locations. Coach Anthony Belton, a good friend of mine, called me one day in 2015, and said he had seen a spot in Hillside, New Jersey. He gave me the address and phone number to call for more information. I called the number and was so excited that I scheduled an appointment to check out the location the very next day. As soon as I walked in, I said ” THIS IS IT” and I loved the location from the free parking to the space inside. We went over the cost and all the fees associated with the property and I was so impressed that I closed the deal the same day. From that point forward, I hit the ground running and did not look back. Currently my facility has helped me produce even more success stories and results. Then it got to a point where I got completely booked and had to hire a team of certified personal trainers to help me serve and save lives. So I went on a search and found some amazing trainers. Currently we have 4 personal trainers on the Secret Formula Fitness team and we plan to continue to expand and eventually open hundreds of facilities throughout the world..

Currently, we have a total of over 50+ clients on my website with OVER 10,000 pounds lost and still counting Yes, they are all our clients, and yes, they all followed my Secret Formula Fitness Road to Success. Secret Formula Fitness grand opening date was October 11, 2015 and all I can say is this was the best decision, I ever made. I plan to open more Fitness Facilities and Gyms like my first one and either establish a franchise or privately operate them.

     “JayTheBody launched another company Secret Formula Nutrition, in March 2016, which is my very own Supplement line. Currently I have “Inferno Shred” a Fat Burner which is a national store based product as well as a web based product. We are in production for product expansion and creation of similar supplements.

            For more information, please visit my website, Thank you for letting me share my story and as a token of my appreciation and gratitude, use code “Burnfat40” at check out for a nice discount.

Thank you and remember.
Results Are The Only Option !!

Then in August 2018 JayTheBody & His mother launched which is a meal prep company that serves healthy choices.

            Currently we train people of ages 18 and older. We also provide Supplemental Advice and Nutritional Guidance with Personalized Meal Plans and much more!!!!!! Before you leave, do not forget to check out my Results(Before and After Photos) ( or )
so you can see all of my clients in which I, “JayTheBody, trained and worked with hand in hand to reach their fitness goals.


       Secret Formula Fitness -Awarded & Named winner of the “Best in Business” Award in the “Health Category” in the whole New Jersey for 2017


        In November 2016, I Officially Partnered & was Sponsored by @UnderArmour, @UaFootball for their NFL Combine Authentic Collection. I also was able to choose a team and of course i chose the Baltimore Ravens…Go Ravens